About Us

Valencia Jewellery is a family-owned business established in 1987 in the heart of downtown Toronto, Canada by Luis H. Valencia and his sons, Oscar and Alvaro Valencia. Specializing in Buy and Sell for over 30 years has allowed for Valencia Jewellery to showcase the incredible jewellery that Mississauga has to offer. 

In 1993 the location was moved to a rapidly growing city, Mississauga, Ontario. Valencia Jewellery has been here ever since.
As one of Mississauga's leading Buy and Sell jewellery enterprises, we have built a large clientele that continues to diversify the jewellery we have for sale.
Our customers have come to trust Valencia Jewellery and all that "The Dandy" logo stands for. Class, style, integrity and reliability. These character traits are weaved into the fabric of this business.
Being 2018 and 2019 winners of the "Top Choice Award" for retail jewellery stores in Ontario, Canada goes to further affirm our place as a nationally recognized establishment of excellence.
When you see the "Dandy", take comfort in knowing you are dealing with a transparent and well established group of business men whom take pride in assuring quality and 100% satisfaction.